August 29, 2014

Moving On Up

DISCLAIMER: I was lazy (possibly this post's theme) and used my phone (and it's flash-GASP!) at something like midnight to take these pictures.  Whatevs tho, right?

Soooo, I went to visit my sisters and their little cuties (the nieces and nephew) last week and then took the nieces to my mom's house for their first rodeo (cuz cowboys are hot cute wear tight jeans awesome).  The next day the nieces and I drove to have lunch with my dad, effectively seeing all my family (except my brother- he lives in a different state- boo!) in a 5 day trip.  It was pretty awesome.  When I arrived home I found my living room did not look like my living room.  It looked like a packing factory with assembled and unassembled boxes everywhere.  

Oh yeah, I'm moving...  Bleh!

Dang it, no matter how much I hate packing and keep hoping it'll get done by itself, these empty boxes tell me they're not doing my work for me.  Lazy boxes!  I'm excited for the change I suppose, especially since a friend is moving in with my current roommate and me.  I'm not excited about all the physical labor moving brings with it.  Just think about the word- MOVING- it's implications are that you can not sit on your bum watching re-runs of "Reba" on Hulu or lie lazily on your bed reading your blog feed or continue to keep your crafting mess all over the living room so it's conveniently located for late nights of sewing.  Nope, for MOVING you have to MOVE.  Yeah, I definitely have lazy bouts (not ashamed of it, watcha gonna do?).

I finally decided to get to work on packing my room.  This is my bed.  Apparently if I want to sleep tonight (this morning) I'll have to actually pack these.  The fabric on the right is all washed and ready to sew with.  The fabric on the left needs washed.  Since we're moving to a place with a washer and dryer (goodbye coin laundry) I thought it'd be alot easier to pack the washed/ready separately from the not-washed/not-ready so as soon as we move into the new place I can get to work on washing everything that's been neglected up to now. I TRIED to organize them into cottons, apparels, knits, bottomweights, synthetics, etc...  The piles got unruly really fast, so in the end my goal changed to not letting the piles collapse on top of each other.  It's not settling, it's just changing my mind, you know- being a woman and all (and indulging in that laziness I so enjoy).

This is currently my photo studio, I mean living room.  This also all my roommate's doing, cuz why in the world would I put a printer (of PDF patterns mainly- hehe) in a vulnerable spot like that?  Also, that whole against-physical-labor-call-it-lazy-if-you-like-thing...  Anyway, back to the photo studio- since it's in such disarray and unusable, I can't take pictures of my latest make.  So you'll have to wait to see what my major mistake was that turned out totally cute.

The scariest thing about this move would have to be... we turned in our 30 day notice but don't have a place to move to yet.  Every place we were looking at was ready to rent right then and there, so instead of paying rent on 2 places for a month, we thought we'd turn in our notice then get a place.  It's really nerve-wrecking!  We've kinda found a place that we're not sure we want but are in contact with another place that might work better.  Who knows.  Three grown women who have all been on their own for sooooo long, well, we all have our own opinions and different budgets and lists of must-haves vs willing to compromise.  I suppose I can say it's not boring, so there's a plus!

Anyone actually LIKE moving or have great tips for lazy but neat and organized packing?  Or have a cleaning fetish and wants to help clean our apartment (cuz, you know, deposit and stuff)?

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