September 27, 2014

Quick (as in not super long just normal long) Update

I didn't expect moving to keep me away and busy for a month, but I'm not even fully unpacked yet.  Ok- the real truth- everything is unpacked EXCEPT my room.  My books are still in boxes, my craft supplies are still in boxes, my fabric is still in boxes,  my patterns are still in boxes.  The only things I have access to (without digging thru more boxes) are my clothes and shoes.  Honestly, unpacking is even more overwhelming than packing and moving.  It's more than having to just clean up or put things away.  I have to find a place for those things first and I want that place to be established before I unpack so I don't have to rearrange things later (remember that lazy thing- still have it).  I'm working on it, but it's going very  S...L...O...W...L...Y...

The plans for today included photographing that garment I mentioned FOREVER ago but somehow I ended up with two naps instead of a completed To-Do List.  Can I just mention- naps are totally wasted on the young.  Anyway- back to productivity (if writing a post and watching "Call the Midwife" can be called productive- hehe).  I'll take photos tomorrow (unless a fun weekend happens instead) and work on unpacking so I can get back  to the real fun (sewing-duh).

A few days ago I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA.  It was SUPER crowded which I was hoping to avoid by going on a Thursday after school had started.  The park was only open for 8 hours and my roomie (the 1st) and I were there for 7.  We only went on 5 rides, but they were probably the 5 best rides there.  FYI- if you ever go the Magic Mountain- go on Tatsu.  BEST. RIDE. EVER!  I felt like a dragon twisting and turning and flying around the park.

YOU GUUUUUYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!  Look who I met while there!  I'm a huge fan of SYTYCD (Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance" for those who think I just made up some alphabet soup) and apparently the whole Top 10 were at Six Flags.  I saw one of them briefly early in the day and geeked out for a while.  THEN, right before we were getting ready to leave I noticed this huge banana and then noticed who was holding it and I totally became a fan girl and talked way too fast to them while grinning like an idiot and finally asked for a picture.  I present to you Serge (on the left) and Rudy (on the right) of season 11's SYTYCD Top 10 dancers.  Yeah, it'll be like the highlight of my year.

Sorry there's nothing thrilling or exciting in this post (even tho there is- look at the above photo!).  Hopefully I'll get back to a normal routine of life soon, even if I have no idea what that should look like.  Hehe.

So tell me, have you ever met anyone famous and were you a cool-cat or a fan-girl?  Or who would you fan-girl over if you got to meet that person in real life (as opposed to fake life, you know?)?

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