August 4, 2014

WIP & Bargain Finds

This is what I'm currently working on.  I've had this pattern for almost a year now, figured it was time to sew it up.  Yippee for new clothes!  The fabric is just a cheap dollar find from walmart a few years ago.  It's nice and soft and light weight, but who knows what it's made of.  I plan to wear this shirt the moment I finish it, I kid you not.

I also went shopping today.  I love shopping- for anything, fabric, shoes, clothes, groceries, books, random supplies- it gives me happy bubbles inside.  The patterns on the left are from the $2 bargain bin at a local fabric store.  I also got the first three fabrics there too (also on clearance tables).

The two patterns on the right are because I couldn't decide on one.  In fact I'm going back to get two more peplum patterns on Friday when the Simplicity patterns go on sale at Jo-Ann's Fabrics.  I need a peplum for my Halloween costume- any guesses on what it could be?

The golden fabric is a yard and a quarter of silk dupioni.  The bronze fabric is a yard and three-eighths of silk shantung. Both were $7.99/yd, marked down from $20.99 and $24.99 a yard respectively.  I love getting silks for that cheap, the only issue is at this store they're always in small cuts at that price, usually less than 2 yards.  Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

The lace is a suuuuuuuuper soft stretch lace that's was a yard remnant.  I carried that sucker with me around the whole store until I was ready to check out.  I have plans for a lace-backed shirt of some kind..  What do you think, By Hand London's Polly Top, Deer & Doe's Plantain T-shirt, another Megan Nielsen's Crescent Blouse or a completely different pattern?

The red fabric is a bemberg rayon from Jo-Ann's Fabrics.  It's a really pretty color and so soft and luxurious.  I got it to line a dress I'm making that's completely see thru.  I totally lucked out on getting this today because it was supposed to be $9.99/yd (and I was going to use a 30% off coupon) but it ended up being only $5/yd.  Cheaper than I was expecting to pay!  I got an extra yard just because I could.  Hehe

What are you working on right now?  Find any good deals lately or ways to save extra $$$ in those tempting fabric stores?  Let me know!  

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