August 24, 2014

Orange Rabbits

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I have a great memory, but it's one that works best with repetition.  My roommate says she's having me be her color coordinator for her wedding cuz she doesn't know anyone else who can match shades of color from memory (she doesn't have a boyfriend right now, so I'll just take it as a compliment).  In college, I would memorize my modules for Anatomy and Physiology for each test, then discard that module to memorize the next one (bad idea- you don't actually learn anything this way).  I can usually tell you exactly where a recipe I read is located (which magazine, website, cookbook, etc...) or read through instructions for a project only once as long as I'm immediately working on the project next.

BUT!  I can't remember all the great blogs I like to read.  I find so many new-to-me blogs through links on other blogs and think, "Yes, I'll keep reading this one" but proceed to forget what the name of it was or what the URL is...  Yeah, apparently my memory only lasted until 27...  Yay to 50-60 years to come of only forgetting more and more stuff- hehe. All this to say that I FINALLY signed up for BlogLovin'.  I've never used a blog reader before, so I hope this at least helps with blogs names for my failing memory.

So I suppose this is the obligatory post saying "Follow me to the magical world of sparkles and lace and clouds and frosting and orange-awesomeness and-" Oh, I guess you don't get all that...  Well, I do but it's all in my memory which means it's going to disappear with the rest of my smart brain cells.  How boring would the world be without the color orange?  Sadness!  Umm, I think I'm off on a rabbit trail over here...  Bunnies are so CUTE!


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  1. Hey girl! This is off topic, but I'm just catching up comment replies and I saw that you were looking for a leggings pattern! I really like Megan Nielsen's leggings pattern- it's nice because it has a petite option, if you need it, and the option for a low or a high rise. Fehr Trade has some cool athletic-style leggings, too, although I haven't sewn them because I'm too lazy to both with fancy seaming. :)