May 5, 2014

It's a Celebration

Apparently starting a blog was not given a time slot in my calendar because it has not been happening.  I have been kept busy between sewing and work and occasionally sleeping.  Perhaps that's why I received an unfortunately timed cold early last week- one that is enjoying overstaying its welcome!  Today I'm rebelling against the over-abundance of cough drops I consumed all last week (to be able to continue sewing for the wedding that was yesterday) and am on a tea-drinking binge to soothe my exhausted and inflamed throat.  Thank goodness for being able to adjust my work schedule in times like this. 

My friend had her baby shower last weekend.  I love baby showers- all the adorable clothes, cute nursery decorations, enjoying friends company for the celebration, but mostly the anticipation of getting to meet the much-loved baby soon.  This little girl is already so special, it was wonderful being able to rejoice in this new life with her mama.

I knew I wanted to make the Noodlehead divided basket, so I bit the bullet and bought the pattern, not knowing if I'd have time to make it or not.  The night before the shower I decided to put wedding sewing on hold and make the basket.  I'm so glad I did, it's so cute and having made it once, I can only see it getting easier and easier (note: faster) to make.  The construction is genius and the finished product is so professional looking.  My only regret is I didn't follow the grain-line placement on the front pocket and it's quite obvious in the different direction the pattern on the fabric is going on that piece versus the handles and basket divider.  Lesson learned!

The morning of the shower I woke up and decided the baby and her older sister needed some matching clothes.  I only had an hour before I needed to leave to help set up, so I figured what's easier to make than circle skirts?  I used MADE's baby circle skirt pattern and her circle skirt tutorial for the skirts.  I wasn't about to hem circle skirts, even little ones, with my limited amount of time, so I chose the only color of bias tape that I had enough of for both skirts to finish the hems.  I think the result is pretty darn cute, and their mother loves them.  When I was at her house later that week, she was telling me that she almost cried at how little the baby's skirt is.  I think hormonal, pregnant women are adorable, seriously!  Obviously, I've never been through pregnancy myself, but I'm pretty sure I'll always find them adorable.

For the big sister's skirt I had to guess her waist measurement and I guessed slightly too big.  It's about two inches too big for her skinny body.  I haven't decided if I'm going to sew her a new one or put new elastic on the one already made.  Either way, I can't wait to see the sisters in their matching skirts!

Oh, I know I mentioned it at the beginning, but the wedding I was sewing stuff for happened and was beautiful and I am SO happy that my sewing-with-a-deadline is over.  I also finished the maternity bridesmaid dress (since it was for the same wedding) but have yet to get pictures of it (I was exhausted and sick and just didn't care at the time).  That'll have to be another time anyway, cause I need a new cup of tea.

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