May 15, 2014

Divided Basket #2

While visiting my mom, I subbed in her monthly game of Bunco.  Everyone brings a prize or gift so everyone goes home with something.  I got the text saying I was playing Bunco two days before I left to come visit.  The theme for gifts was Summer.

I really didn't want to spend money (I kinda splurged recently on some patterns and shoes), so I decided to make another divided basket (first one here).

By the time we had finished cleaning and organizing her craft room (and I had washed off the grime) I only had just over an hour to get this made.

I tried to do as much of the same thing at the same time to avoid things like going-back-and-forth-wasting-time.  I ironed all the interfacing on first then sewed as much as I could of everything before I needed to iron again.  It worked pretty well, I feel as if I was quite efficient.  

The only thing I'm not happy with is my top-stitching.  It's shoddy and I was totally rushing.  The layers of fabric and interfacing get really thick and where the handles are it's even thicker.  When I was trying to maneuver the divider around the bottom of my sewing machine I forgot to make sure my needle was down and I moved my basket all kinds of crazy ways.  I then had to try and line up my top-stitching again.  It's definitely not even.

This is the only picture that accurately shows the color of the green gingham.  I didn't have time to take pictures before we had to leave for Bunco, so I took pictures in my mom's car while we were driving there.  No judging please, I already know I'm crazy.

I have another basket I need to make this week for a baby shower this weekend, but I'll definitely be taking more time on the top-stitching this time.  I already have the fabric for that one and it's going to be so cute that I can't wait to see it all put together.

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