April 9, 2014

A New Kind of Insanity

A friend of mine at church got engaged late last year.  She approached me a couple months ago about sewing some stuff for her wedding, which I laughed about and moved on.  She's very persuasive, because I currently have the fabric she's chosen for her wedding that needs something done to it.  It's not difficult, but there's a lot of uneven, raw edges which must be straightened out and hemmed.  There's probably about 10 pieces total, but some of them are rather lengthy.  Seeing as how her wedding is in less than 4 weeks, I thought I should probably get started.

I have another friend who is going to be a bridesmaid in that same wedding.  She's almost 7 months pregnant and the bridesmaid dress she ordered off of Etsy hasn't arrived, nor can she get the seller to contact her back.  She originally asked me if I would be willing to make her bridesmaid dress (which I laughed about and moved on), but somehow I now have the pattern and fabric for her dress.  

The pattern she choose is not a maternity pattern, and the smallest size it comes in is size 8 (she's a size 2 when not pregnant).  It's New Look 6864 by Simplicity, a choose your size, choose your style type pattern.  I'm not the most experienced or knowledgeable sewist, so there's a lot of prayers going into this! 

Again, these 10 pieces for the bride and the bridesmaid dress for the momma-to-be (for the second time!) are for the same wedding... next month... less than 4 weeks away...  I'm also working my normal job while attempting to accomplish these multiple projects.  I think I'm insane, anyone want to second my opinion?

My goal is to accomplish 3 pieces for the bride and one muslin for the bridesmaid dress each week.  My current (probably inaccurate) calculations is that by keeping with that time-line, I should be able to just add one more piece into the last week to complete the 10 projects for the bride and fit/adjust the bridesmaid dress at least twice (I know, there's a GOOD chance I'll need to do three muslins) before cutting out and sewing the final dress.  

To top it all off, the friend/bridesmaid with baby #2 on the way is having a baby shower the weekend before the wedding and I REALLY want to make something for the sweet baby girl and her adorable older sister.  I've seen so many cute Noodlehead divided baskets (like hereherehere- seriously just go Google it!) and I'm really wanting to buy the pattern and make it for my friend (then fill it with cute baby girl clothes and diapers- of course).  So what does one do when short on time with too many projects?  Start a blog of course!  I officially welcome you to my chaos.

P.S.- Any stories of similiar bouts of insanity are welcome, I would love to be distracted.  LOL

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